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VaizTrack is a one-stop integrated system that manages, monitors and tracks your vehicles.

Status Quo

The biggest problems for Dealers, Rentals, 3PL companies are…


Delayed Data on Vehicle Inventory – Making it difficult to track what vehicles are available, being serviced, or unavailable in any given day.


Fleet Maintenance Unpredictability – Unable to track the key health of vehicles and in turn prevent in-route breakdowns.


Unauthorized Vehicle Usage – No clear control over vehicles and drivers that are authorized to be in motion.

Next Gen Intelligent Software

VaizTrack software overcomes these problems by:


Real-Time Tracking – Enabling you to have track and respond to the movement of all your vehicles –on and off your lot. No more confusion over what is sold, decommissioned, or in transit.


Absolute Visibility – Dashboard that captures all the information necessary to manage the movement and health of your fleet. No more last-minute costly repairs or service calls.


Robust Control IoT devices and sensors enable you to have full control of the movement of your fleet anywhere, everywhere, anytime.


Planning & Management

Real Time Inventory

GPS and hidden vehicle sensors detect location and status of vehicles on and off your lot. Live view of all vehicles (stationary or in motion) Google Maps. Data viewing and syncing across all devices for easy on-the-go fleet management. Reduce inaccurate day-to-day processing and improve fleet management efficiency by 50%.

Data maintenance

Absolute Visibility

Centralized dashboard that organizes all fleet management components into one. Real-time view of dashboard information and vehicle data. Vehicle maintenance schedule aligned with vehicle activity. Reduce labor costs and unforeseen last minute vehicle maintenance issues by 60%.


Predictive Analytics

Capture real-time data to activate specific fleet functions (e.g. deactivation, maintenance, etc.) Align historic and current data to create best-practice patterns and schedules for fleet. Eliminate redundancies in data entry and labor costs. Reduce overall fleet management costs approximately 15 – 20% per year.

SAP HANA Cloud platform (HCP)

A Performance-Driven Big Data Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is an enterprise with comprehensive application development services and capabilities. It enables customers to achieve business agility, create a truly integrated and optimized enterprise, and accelerate digital transformation across the business – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure.


View key vehicle data on demand to enable fast decision-making.


Leverage 1000+ pre-build and adaptable platform that makes compatibility to any system seamless.


Streamline the details of any size fleet thanks to SAP Cloud’s Big Data expandable platform.


Enjoy secured data storage and transmission to help you meet security standards.

The IoT Magicians // By CIO Magazine

“VaizTrack’s intelligent software along with a physical device installed in vehicles can allow organizations to surveil and track their vehicles round the clock, monitor battery status and remotely disable battery in the event of theft. It can also help manage, maintain and retrieve vehicle and vehicle parts information efficiently and manage inventories with automated alerts. “

Ready for the Next Level of Auto & Fleet Management?


Our unique real-time auto & fleet management system enables you to track the location, manage the health, and deactivate usage of unauthorized vehicles anytime, anywhere.