Vaizva Freight Forwarding Solution

Automate your freight forwarding operations end-to-end

Vaizva’s versatile cloud-based Freight Forwarding Solution allows you to manage your entire operation in one simple and easy to use system. Every transaction and every customer requirement is unique in the freight forwarding process. Keeping this in mind, and by ensuring that freight gets to the right place, at the right time, for the right price, Vaizva developed an exceptional cloud-based application that can help a forwarding business to be more productive, more profitable, and less subject to the risks of employee turnover.

Status Quo

The biggest problems for Freight companies are…


Maintaining continuous on-time delivery performance is always a difficult task under volatile schedules and poor planning.


Balanced utilization of fleets, like Vehicles and Drivers owned by the company or third-party fleet, is a bigger challenge due to manual processes with no system of records.


Lack of proper tools to estimate the fuel and freight cost at planning stage will incur higher expenses due to inappropriate routes.

Next Gen Intelligent Software

Vaizva Freight Forwarding software overcomes these problems by:


On time delivery Performance - Optimize routes based on HANA geo-spatial clustering algorithms to meet expected delivery schedules.


Absolute Visibility - Intuitive data maintenance to manage company owned/third-party vehicles and well-built Master applications help you to achieve complete visibility of your resources.


Logistics solutions - Integration and automation of RFQs, Quotations, POs, and Invoices to manage Third Party Invoice payables.



• Review quotations
• Manage bookings
• Create purchase orders
• Manage export/import documentation
• Manage conditions, rules, and agreements for shipments
• Track & monitor shipments in real-time
• Receive real-time updates on shipment status
• Automate invoice processing
• View shipment reports & analytics
• Maintain master records of customers and carriers


• Mobile compatible application
• Accessible anytime from your computer
• Cloud-based software built on SAP
• Highly secured with required authentication
• In memory technology & embedded analytics


• Achieve process automation
• Increase overall productivity
• Achieve higher visibility at every stage
• Improve overall customer service
• Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction with timely updates on shipments
• Improve communication with customers and transportation providers
• Easy and fast retrieval of records and related conditions for exports and imports
• Reduction of administrative labor costs
• Save time and costs from managing manual processes

Vaizva’s Freight Forwarding solution provides global freight forwarders with a comprehensive suite to effectively organize and coordinate shipments in their forwarding. Our solution provides an integrated process and is designed to coordinate all transactions related to quotations, bookings, purchase orders, documentation, customs, imports, exports, and tracking. Our solution also enables you to have complete visibility through smart analytics and reports associated with shipments.

SAP HANA Cloud platform (HCP)

A Performance-Driven Big Data Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is an enterprise with comprehensive application development services and capabilities. It enables customers to achieve business agility, create a truly integrated and optimized enterprise, and accelerate digital transformation across the business – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure.


View key vehicle data on demand to enable fast decision-making.


Leverage 1000+ pre-build and adaptable platform that makes compatibility to any system seamless.


Streamline the details of any size fleet thanks to SAP Cloud’s Big Data expandable platform.


Enjoy secured data storage and transmission to help you meet security standards.

The IoT Magicians // By CIO Magazine

“VaizFreight serves at the one-stop solution for logistics business. It is a coherently designed integrated solution with planning, scheduling, real-time tracking, and key performance indicators with rich, built-in analytics“

Ready to Automate Your Freight Forwarding?


Our freight forwarding system enables you to automate the critical details associated with shipping by ground, air, or sea –anytime, anywhere.