Take this scenario.

You are a logistics provider who runs day-to-day operations like a well-oiled machine. You have a fleet of top-notch drivers, make deliveries on time, and are cost-efficient when it comes to shipping goods and maximizing the space within each vehicle.

Your performance slopes upward, but can you envision a reality with an even smaller margin of error, a reality where you know where a vehicle is at any given moment, or how exactly to load product to maximize space? Or perhaps even, based on analytics, preventive maintenance notifications for your fleet?

Well, we can. And in fact, we didn’t just envision it—we’re creating it right now.

Through our new technology Predictive Transport Tracking (PTT), we’ve developed an integrative tool that not only makes your fleet more efficient, but can ultimately help companies to save money and improve their bottom line.

To outline in simple terms what our product is and how it can help your company, we’ve put together a Q&A about our new all-in-one tool.

What exactly is PTT, and what problem does it solve?

We like to think of it as the total package, where logistics providers have access to a number of benefits in one place, through one cloud-based app: real-time tracking; route optimization; load optimization; freight and fuel cost estimates; asset management; and notifications. Other predictive technologies will integrate some of these components, but not all. Our background in logistics has provided us with an acute understanding of all parts needed to run a logistics company. And our tool reflects that, the essentials required to succeed within the field.

3PL providers are faced with a number of challenges. These are just a few:

• How to plan in a way that ensures consistent on-time deliveries
• How to maximize planning for fuel and freight to avoid higher expenses
• How to plan for preventive maintenance procedures
• How to find the location of a vehicle in-transit

What are some of the solutions that this technology provides?

Overall, our technology is a one-stop solution for the logistics industry. PTT offers:

Exact “in-transit” location: We provide the specific location of a truck with real-time analytics. This is a step forward from the general “in transit” tag that many shippers provide to consumers looking to locate their goods.

Route Optimization: Our app will find the quickest way to reach your destination, saving you time and money.

Load Optimization: We maximize the available loading space by factoring in the weight of goods and given dimensions of your vehicle.

Asset management: Store pertinent data such as information about clients, vehicles, vendors and employees for better planning.

Predictive analytics: Whether using information to draw conclusions based on patterns of employee performance or to know when to change an engine, our predictive analytics can curb potential issues before they start.

Cost estimates: The cost of fuel affects the cost of freight. Our built-in API integrations provide real-time estimates for the cost of fuel in different areas so that travel is more cost-efficient.

What makes PTT unique?

First, our cost is competitive. Because our software is subscription based, the fee is low, not to mention all-inclusive. Second, our technology is customized to fit the needs of each company. To that end, we have also developed our software with the goal of adapting to new technologies as time progresses, meaning we continue to evolve to remain competitive, and relevant.

Does data exist to support your claim that PTT can truly benefit the logistics business?

Yes it does. The statistics are impressive. Some of the benefits to using PTT include:

• A 50% reduction in processing time via a flexible system for on-boarding third-party vehicles
• A 60% reduction in labor cost hours
• A 15-20% yearly savings on freight costs

So if you are a logistics firm, 3PL provider, shipper, or warehousing firm, we invite you to give PTT a try. Let us be the solution for a more holistic logistics experience, one that takes into account every aspect of your business from picking product to getting it to its destination in the last-mile. Request a demo today >>