Predictive Transport Tracking (PTT)

The seamless integration of multiple logistic functionalities and solutions into one – giving you the greatest control over efficiency and costs.

Status Quo

The biggest problems for Transportation and Logistics companies are…


Maintaining continuous on-time delivery performance is always a difficult task under volatile schedules and poor planning.


Balanced utilization of fleets, like Vehicles and Drivers owned by the company or third-party fleets is a bigger challenge due to manual processes with no system of records.


Lack of proper tools to estimate the fuel and freight cost at planning stage incurs higher expenses due to inappropriate routes.

Next Gen Intelligent Software

Vaizva PTT software overcomes these problems with:


On time delivery Performance - Optimize routes based on HANA geo-spatial clustering algorithms to meet expected delivery schedules.


Absolute Visibility - Intuitive data maintenance to manage company owned/third-party vehicles and well-built Master applications help you to achieve complete visibility of your resources.


Logistics solutions - Integration and automation of RFQs, Quotations, POs and Invoices to manage Third Party Invoice payables.


Planning & Management

Real Time Tracking

Live mapping of vehicles in transit via Google. Regular updates on traffic and fuel changes. Interactive vehicle data and view via GPS and SAP Cloud integration. Notifications of cost impact on mobile device. Reduce costs of unforeseen route changes, fuel variations, and overall last-minute process redundancies by 50%.

Data maintenance

Absolute Visibility

Centralized data that provides true integration. Dynamic dashboard that is updated in real-time. Detailed data views and historical data access directly from the dashboard. Desktop and mobile view and sync of platform. Increase efficiencies and productivity across multiple areas of transportation and fleet management by 60%.


Predictive Analytics

Capture trends based on current and historical data to facilitate accurate planning & forecasting. Incorporate recent trends to calibrate to immediate, seasonal, and on-going transportation details. Align fleet maintenance with vehicle assignments to avoid forecasted repairs. Save approximately 15 – 20% in transportation costs by improving planning and forecasting capabilities.

SAP HANA Cloud platform (HCP)

A Performance-Driven Big Data Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is an enterprise with comprehensive application development services and capabilities. It enables customers to achieve business agility, create a truly integrated and optimized enterprise, and accelerate digital transformation across the business – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure.


View key vehicle data on demand to enable fast decision-making.


Leverage 1000+ pre-build and adaptable platform that makes compatibility to any system seamless.


Streamline the details of any size fleet thanks to SAP Cloud’s Big Data expandable platform.


Enjoy secured data storage and transmission to help you meet security standards.

The IoT Magicians // By CIO Magazine

“PTT serves at the one-stop solution for logistics business. It is a coherently designed integrated solution with planning, scheduling, real-time tracking, and key performance indicators with rich, built-in analytics. Built on SAP HANA Could the solution can be connected to any database using SAP cloud connectors and OData Services. And, as there is no middleware software involved users can significantly reduce their IT costs.”

Ready for the Next Level of TMS?


Our one-stop transportation management system will help you integrate and view all the data you need to make critical cost-saving logistics decisions –in real-time.