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We are an SAP® Silver Partner for application development and expert in SAP HANA Cloud solutions (HCP), Custom App Development and Integration. As SAP partner, we play a key role in helping organizations like yours succeed by assisting SMBs – across all industries – transform and run their businesses simply. We help you identify, buy, build, implement, service, support, and run the SAP solutions that best fit your unique needs.










SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service providing unique in-memory database and business application services to power your digital enterprise. Learn more

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SAP Fiori

Are you looking for a reliable partner to start your SAP Fiori expedition? Look no further! At Vaizva, we know SAP Fiori inside and out and can get your first Fiori App available in less than 2 weeks.

The Vaizva SAP qualified Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for SAP Fiori comprises the new SAP Fiori Apps and empowers the implementation of SAP Net Weaver Gateway, SAP UI5 and few Fiori Apps for full productive purposes in a fixed-time within fixed-price. SAP Fiori Apps provide a modest and easy to use customer grade user experience that works faultlessly across devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones. Vaizva’s RDS implementation for SAP Fiori functionalizes your workforce proximately and brings immediate value to your enterprise.

Provides your Enterprise an Instant Productivity Enhancement

SAP Fiori Rapid Deployment Solution allows workforces to complete workflow approvals, information look-ups, and self-service errands across HR, Finance, Procurement and Sales more resourcefully. With streamlined and modernized user-experience, business users can effortlessly submit an approval, input a leave request, and quickly look-up for a purchase order of consignment details. Vaizva’s SAP qualified RDS for SAP Fiori starts working within weeks, can instantaneously mobilize your employees and immensely improve enterprise wide productivity.

Bring Ease and Speed to your SAP Fiori Deployment

Vaizva’s exclusive SAP Fiori allows your entity to keep simple things, simple. A fixed cost and positioning timeline for the SAP Fiori solution allows your entity to quickly outspread the value of your ERP investments. The RDS for SAP Fiori from Vaizva offers a swift, profitable method for deploying standard processes and implementing the latest novelties in mobility. An archetypal deployment is less than 2 weeks and helps customers lower total cost of ownership, speed-up time to value and preserve the flexibility to cover the solution.

Our SAP Fiori Implementation is Flexible and Modular

Our SAP Fiori package is malleable and modular and allows customers to jump start with just one application or any permutation of available 200+ SAP Fiori applications. Our all-encompassing experience in implementing SAP Fiori will provide your entity a lucrative option to rapidly implement the mandatory infrastructure, security, work-flows and the mobile-portal that will deliver the complete business value to your entity within 2 weeks.


Businesses and industries that use next-generation applications can work healthier with the SAP HANA Cloud. This platform lets you encompass existing applications and build new apps in the Cloud. SAP HANA Cloud application is an in-memory cloud platform intended for the highly data-driven, social, mobile and networked users. Hence makes it perfect for a business that takes advantage of constantly evolving data sharing inclinations. It provides malleable contribution models and services for infrastructure, database, and applications. Since it is the only cloud platform that is built on SAP HANA platform, it is capable to run and provide access to real time applications your business needs to succeed.



Benefits with Vaizva’s SAP HANA implementation for your business

Prime-packed for business : This platform has many features that can let you build, manage, and set up cloud-based enterprise applications. To go-ahead with your existing SAP and non-SAP solutions, or encompass them in the cloud or on premise. Extensible subscription models and other services for database, applications and infrastructure empower easy access to HCP full power.

Multiply the value of your existing applications : If you have in-effect enterprise solutions in the cloud or running on premise, HCP offers connectivity through the cloud connectivity facility. This way you can modernize the integration of new applications with the reassurance of the lowest possible overall cost of ownership.

Accelerate time to value : HCP can let you build and install consumer and business applications fast while safeguarding new functionality that meets embryonic business needs. At the same time, it allows you to connect with customers through added engaging experiences.

Upsurge the productivity of developers : HCP Open programming standards are reinforced, wherefore developers can effortlessly build enterprise applications to integrate with SAP or non-SAP solutions without learning new code.

Increase ROI, decrease costs : HCP does not necessitate up-front capital investment in software or hardware for your partners or customers, resulting in a more lucrative service with negligible risk. Once it is functional, SAP will manage platform operations to decrease the cost of deploying and developing cloud applications.

Mobile Applications

The demand of Mobile Applications has intensified in all businesses. To deal with that, we become your atom smasherto design and develop vivid mobile applications. Vaizva is developing several Mobile Applications for its cloud based solutions that runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Our team of mobile-app developers are creative and experts to undertake your individual demands in addition to your business needs. With cutting-edge tools and technology our mobile-app developers are intelligent to create highly custom made mobile-apps for customer needs and enterprises. Our experience and past works is the glass case of our intelligence in mobile applications development.

Mobile-Apps Development Services we offer :

iPhone Application Development

With the onset of iOS technological innovations, we build well-designed and attractive iPhone applications that will not only make your business money-spinning but also recitals oriented. Our specialized iPhone application developers continuously design and develop comprehensible and easy-to-use mobile apps.

iPad Application Development

With a view to make your iPad apps highly acquiescent, our professionals deliver the superior quality of applications. We will create your iPad apps conception which tops the chart by completing it accordingly. We demonstrate our doggedness by making absolutely bug-free iPad apps.

Android Application Development

Be it social media, entertainment, health care, sports, cafeterias, education sector etc., we design and develop every variety of Android Apps for smartphones and tablets. Our Android developers are keen and experts in making the premier quality mobile application for you.


At Vaizva we boost the power of S/4 HANA through extensions on HANA Cloud Platform to give the right experience.

A very rudimentary question that most of the clients have is what are SAP S4 HANA extensions?

SAP S/4HANA is a real-time ERP suite for digital business. Built on SAP’s advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA, it offers a personalized, consumer-grade user experience with SAP Fiori. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open standards-based, in-memory platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed for today’s increasingly networked, mobile, social and data-driven world. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is available to enable companies to build their own extensions and adapt standard business software to their needs.

We elucidated that they are “applications” that are built to…

  • Accomplish functionality gaps in the prevailing S/4 HANA product.
  • Help integrate with other technologies such as SBAs, IoT, Portals, Mobile Services, etc.
  • Add new functionalities and support in extending business processes with superior augmentations without disturbing existing landscape.
  • Assimilate with other platforms.

SAP S/4 HANA and SAP HCP are known as facilitators for generalization and innovation in the digital era.

Vaizva has come up with new applications that will also benefit industries like e-Commerce, Real Estate and Retail. Vaizva is building good number of packaged applications for SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Many of these applications will be found on SAP HANA App Centre. These applications target many lines of businesses & industries.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The conception of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is not certainly a new one. The IoT refers to the interrelationship of computing devices rooted in everyday objects via the Internet, facilitating them to send and receive data. It is eradicating barricades and technological challenges that separate you today from better understanding your clients, business partners, and other groups in your entity.

Why Vaizva for the IoT?

By partnering with Vaizva, we work closely with you to rapidly get started with your IoT business renovation strategies, to boost your capabilities around consumer understandings, improve operational know-hows, achieve prompt return on investment and enhance your digital presence. Our global resources will partner with you on this digital IoT transformational expedition, and build a long-standing sustainable, scalable, supportable, lucrative and manageable model, which truly endows you to develop operational approaches around these valuable insights. At Vaizva, we offer a one stop-shop for providing all IoT services, leveraging a flexible and accessible global delivery model, throughout the entire life cycle of your IoT transformation, by the following execution strategies:

1) Reinforcing existing technologies and platforms: The Vaizva strategy around the IoT is built around strengthening and augmenting your existing infrastructure, data points and technology platforms.

Vaizva IoT Advantages:

a) Augmenting existing technology: Vaizva will inspect your existing technology solutions and regulate the best way to reveal and take advantage of the added IoT customer insights.

b) Boosting the data you have: Vaizva will partner with you to fuse your ERP made information and connected devices with the customer insights and intelligence resulting from the IoT solutions.

c) Renovating Mobile Engagement: Vaizva focuses on providing end-to-end business solutions that address the most persistent needs of retailers and developing a mobile customer engagement platform to help customers adopt to have a better engagement.

2) Intelligent and Quick IoT Transformations: Rather than starting from claw mark, the Vaizva crew offers IoT transformational technology solutions, powered by stimulators that cover a comprehensive collection of cross channel business set-ups.

Vaizva IoT Advantages:

a) Transforming faster: Vaizva’s swift global delivery model endows you to take advantage of the IoT consumer insights faster and maximize your return on investment.

b) Mounting at your pace: As you advance to a more digital and IoT concentrated organization, we will scale and influence the apt technology solutions to support your organizational growth approaches.

c) Insights = Greater Dexterity: Vaizva’s IoT solutions will provide enriched consumer understandings that enable you to respond with greater agility to increased competition, supply chain alterations, consumer demand and economic alterations.

3) Technological Innovation: Vaizva has track record of positively providing IoT transformational solutions, driven by our organization’s capability to influence the latest technology innovation strategies that bump into the exceptional needs of our customers.

Vaizva IoT Advantages:

a) Revolutionizing IoT: Vaizva is an innovative, frontward thinking technology solutions industry leader with a strong understanding of all the prospects and business significance that the IoT provides.

b) Driving Global IoT delivery and implementation: Vaizva’s global delivery model and maintenance structure will bring your IoT transformational approaches to life.

c) Increasing IoT Technical Competencies: Vaizva determinedly believes in a technology which will revive the worlds emergent needs.


ERP is the metamorphic force running through your business. Effectively integrated ERP systems can comprehend savings almost instantaneously, recognize issues before they become devastations and improve the recitals of every process in your organization. They will save your time and overheads and empower decisions to be made faster with fewer risks. The modern ERP implementation assimilates mobile devices and ranges beyond the shop-floor to comprehend supplier and consumer behavior. Not only does it cover in-house resources, obligations and supply chains, but also covers additional functionality, aiding collaboration and transparency, submission and security.

The vital performance of your ERP implementation depends on the value of your vendor’s best practices. Consuming repeatable processes that have been finished and tested in the field will cut your positioning time and reduce errors.

  • We have a proficient and pioneering consulting team who bring into line with your goals and follow a recognized road map:
  • Initiation –Classify objectives, measure risk and institute deliverables.
  • Planning –Design the apt solution and create an inclusive project plan.
  • Execution –Launch a change-control process, a communication approach and an IMP.
  • Closure –Certify a complete changeover plan in place from our team to yours.

Vaizva works comprehensively as an ERP partner to organizations in a wide variety of businesses. As an outcome, we can build a team that recognizes your business processes, challenges and objectives. Whether you need consultants, customization, maintenance, or all three, Vaizva has the people and the process to make an effective implementation.


Our business-savvy SAP developers understand how to translate your goals into the right SAP application that will take your organization to the next level.