The day was no different than the last. You’d rented out a dozen vehicles, all to deserving customers, for varying time periods. One for two days, another for two weeks. And another, for just one week. Yet none for four. This particular luxury vehicle, which carried a hefty price tag, still hadn’t been returned.

Two weeks late, you knew something was wrong. Yet you didn’t worry. Though the renter hadn’t called or emailed, you had VaizTrack, an integrative IoT device that allowed you to manage, monitor, and track your fleet.

The investment you made, in this moment, would finally pay off in terms of cost and peace of mind. With one glance at the VaizTrack software, you were able to locate the coordinates of the vehicle, and when notified that the vehicle was parked, swiftly deactivated it.

The defaulted renter was at a loss, while you regained your precious investment.

Not all stories end happily like this one. Sans VaizTrack, this vehicle could have easily been stolen. Yet this tool was developed to avoid worst case scenarios such as this one.

VaizTrack is the ultimate resource for dealers and logistics providers. Manage vehicles and store pertinent information without the added stress of having to track down vehicle location or data yourself.

To outline in simple terms what this integrative tool is and how it can help your company, we’ve put together a Q&A about VaizTrack.

What exactly is VaizTrack, and what problem does it solve?

Like Predictive Transportation Tracking, VaizTrack is an all-in-one tool that integrates a number of functions. This next-gen software provides real-time tracking, visibility and control of your fleet.

3PL providers, dealers, and rentals are faced with a number of challenges. These are just a few:

• Delays on receiving accurate vehicle information: If the current system has a 3-day delay, for example, before you know inventory details, a vehicle could have just become available but your system would not have that information updated for three days. And can you afford a delay in the event of an emergency?

• Maintenance unpredictability: Without updated data on vehicle health, you are unaware of when to service a vehicle or at the very least, track its health. Without this information, how can you take preventive measures to avoid route breakdowns?

• Unauthorized vehicle use: If a vehicle goes missing, a dealer, renter, or 3PL company will most likely have no idea where the vehicle is, or the driver. Can you afford to not know?

What are some of the solutions that VaizTrack provides?

Solutions of VaizTrack include:

Real-time tracking: Whether sold, decommissioned, or in-transit, VaizTrack allows you to track all of your vehicles—on and off the lot—through GPS and hidden sensors. whether currently on the lot or on loan. Our technology

Visibility: View your dashboard with all important information about vehicle maintenance in one place. Also keep track of when vehicles need to undergo scheduled maintenance.

Predictive Analytics: With accurate data available immediately, this real-time feature gives you the ability to make informed decisions, whether deactivation or maintenance, for example. Also, include all information necessary to draw more accurate conclusions. So include the VIN number to gain context with the vehicle’s history, or details about the tires. You choose.

What makes VaizTrack unique?

We were recently called “IoT magicians” by tech news publication CIO. A few words the publication had to say about us:

“The firm that developed VaizTrack, Vaizva, understands that the possibilities IoT can unlock are only limited by one’s imagination and that there could be a plethora of ideas and concepts waiting to be implemented.”
So, we think in terms of possibility, what can be rather than just what is. It is to this end that we offer our most unique capability—customization. We understand that no two dealers are alike, which is why we’ve developed our software with the possibility of integrating various solutions personalized to your company’s specific needs.

Does data exist to support your claim that VaizTrack can truly benefit the renters, dealers, and third-party logistics companies?

Yes. Using VaizTrack provides the following benefits:

• Reduce daily processing and improve efficiency in fleet management by 50%
• Reduce labor costs and unforeseen maintenance by 60%
• Reduce yearly fleet management costs by 15-20%

Let our software be the solution for your dealership, rental company, or 3PL provider. We’d love to work with you to develop the ideal integrative solution that fits the specific needs of your team, and fleet. Request a demo >>