Georgia based emerging IoT software solution provider

Vaizva provides intelligent software and hardware solutions while leveraging B2B platforms such as SAP HANA Cloud and IBM to improve how companies interact with their surroundings. We aim to give companies the real-time answers they need to make better business decisions. Vaizva leverages the latest developments in today’s cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, robotics processing, and more to offer results-oriented solutions across sectors and industries.

We are partners with SAP, IBM, HPE, Automation Anywhere, Hortonworks, MIFARE, Sigfox, TechData, Synnex and Arrow Electronics. With these partnerships, we envision a world where data isn’t stagnant, but instead can be intelligently analyzed to unlock your company’s full potential.


The Story of Vaizva Founder and CEO Ramesh Kannan

With a background in both engineering and global consulting, Ramesh Kannan is uniquely suited to understand the technical problems that businesses face, develop a strategy to address these problems, and successfully execute this plan. As a Managing Director in the polymer industry for around 12 years, Ramesh led his company to profitability within a low-margin industry.

He also served as an expert consultant and subject matter expert to Fortune 500 companies in his role as Senior Manager with Cognizant, a business and tech consulting firm. For more than ten years, Ramesh played a key role in working with these companies to develop project-based solutions and integrative cloud-based software, a precursor to products he would later develop at Vaizva.

His professional background has allowed him to gain valuable expertise across sectors including the logistics space. This versatility now translates into products that address the needs of businesses in many different industries. The one connecting thread is the goal of customizing each solution to help companies stay competitive.

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Our innovative cloud based applications will help clients to cut down their investment on huge IT implementation costs substantially by inexpensive subscription based models to optimize their business needs.